Get Involved

Five ways that you can get involved


1.  Sign the Pledge 

We are asking those in Northwest Arkansas to commit to praying for their city. A united church starts with us crying out to God on behalf of our neighbors, coworkers and families. Sign the pledge to pray for your city!



2.  Attend a Rally

Attend the upcoming rally for your city. A visual presence of believers coming together to pray for your city will send a signal to the community that God cares for them. Sign up for reminders and notifications as we approach the night of prayer.



3.  Involve your Church

We are asking local churches to commit to an hour of prayer during the Prayer Rally. Sign up to show your commitment to praying for our community. What better way to come together as a church than to intercede for an hour?



4.  Volunteer at an Event

We have many opportunities for those looking to be involved with one of our prayer rallies. From preparation work to jobs on the day of the event, we need volunteers. Sign up to help!



5.  Sponsor an Event

OneChurchNwa is not financially backed by a church. We are an outreach-focused division of Joppa House of Prayer, a local non-profit focused on prayer and worship for Northwest Arkansas. This means that we rely on local believers to support each event as they seek God to move in their city.